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Hvlp Spray Gun


HVLP High Volume Low Pressure Spray Gun
100% manually adjusted nozzle sets ensure the constant
high,for complete guns as well as spare nozzle sets.
The durable air caps are made of brass(not of aluminum) thus ensuring a long life time.
Suitable for waterborne paints-paint needle and nozzle are made of stainless
steel and the spray gun body has been carefully anodized.
The carefully anodized spary gun surface also reduces the need for cleaning.
With the continuous round/flat spray fan control the spray pattern can be
adjusted to any object.
Model H-2000B
Type of Feed Gravity
Standard Nozzle Φ0.8mm
Optional Nozzle Φ0.8/1.0mm
Operating Pressure 2.0-3.5bar
Pattern width 110-160mm
Air Consumption 3.5-5.0 cfm
Paint Capacity 200cc
Color Box 20PCS(50x36x18cm),12/10KGS
科技 创新 品质Technology Innovation Quality